Monday, August 20, 2012

New Beginnings...My 1st Blog Post

It’s another beautiful sunny day here in southern New Jersey and having heard from so many that I should blog about what I do, I thought today is a good day to give it a go.

First, can’t be rude, introductions. My name is Patti. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, beach lover, photographer, jewelry maker, crafter, pinner and ring leader to my circus which consists of the hubster Shan, teenage daughters Emma & Megan, the adorable k9 Gigi, cuddly cat Mimi, the Cadbury bunny, Momo the fearless hamster and Charlie our turtle. All-in-all we have mastered chaos on the reg.

My escape; the Cove! It’s a small stretch of beach here in Brigantine, NJ and serves as my little slice of heaven. I do my best thinking while strolling in that sand. Looking at all the sea shells is a great distraction and gives the mind a break when things get a bit too crazy. Then there’s the surf. Oh, the surf. The tide is so haunting to me. It’s curious, mysterious, strong and powerful. Its energy excites me and scares me. Definitely have a healthy respect for the water. Here's a little sample of the beach I call home.

So, what is it that I do? Well, I combine all of my passions into a year round business and create. I sell my photography as wall art; I collect and clean shells to design jewelry pieces; and I recycle old wood pallets into signs. Although I’ve been doing this for years, I only recently opened an Etsy store and really began focusing on bring my works to the online community. Take a look, I list new products all the time in Etsy , view my Gallery Album for artwork on Facebook , follow me on Pinterest & Twitter

Being new to blogging, I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll bring to the table here. I’m sure I’ll be posting how-to’s, pictures and the occasional short tale of my latest adventure but, like my life, it’s a work in progress and with your input we’ll figure it out as I go. Or, I’ll just rabble daily. Either way, I hope you enjoy ;)

With that, I’ll leave this as my first entry (not too shabby, right?!) Next time, I’ll bring more on one topic….maybe, my latest photage or shelling quest, or shell cleaning, jewelry making how-to’s. Let me know your thoughts and what you’d like to read about.
Thanks for visiting and hope you won’t be a stranger…..check back soon! 

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