Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shelling....A way of Life!

I realized today it is physically impossible for me to visit the beach and leave with out a shell or two in hand. Well, more like a bucket or two. I tried...I really did!
My nephew and his girlfriend are visiting from Massachusetts and spending the last weekend of the summer with us. I don't know about you , but for us, that calls for at least one trip to the beach. I mean really, what better place to entertain, visit, and relax than a sunny stretch of sand and waves.
I swore to myself that this time at the beach would be completely off the clock (so to speak) and I would just enjoy some quality family time. It wasn't long before I found myself walking along the waters edge with a little voice in the back of my mind, playing on loop, telling myself to look straight ahead and don't look down. Of course, I found myself peeking towards my feet to see all the shells I was passing by. Still, I was doing pretty well (so I thought) until my guests began finding gems of their own and bringing them for show and tell. It was so hard to fight the urge, but again I did. Then, my husband and nephew Nathan came back with a gorgeous pristine specimen of a channeled whelk, beautifully intact and a whopping 9" compared to the 7" or less that we usually find on average. That was it, game over for me....the jig was up and the shells won out. I set out like a kid in a candy store sifting mounds of tiny shells through my fingers and filling my bucket with the little jewels from the sea that bring smiles to my face. There is just something about shelling that takes me back to summertime childhood memories and awakens the girl in me. There is just no denying, summer is a mind set and shelling IS a way of life.
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